The Fool

February 12th



the Fool, from The Wild Unknown tarot deck.

This weekend, I keep pulling the Fool (in Celtic Cross spread, daily single cards, mind/body/spirit spread). It signifies new beginnings, starting over, being a small fish in a big pond, and believing in yourself in the face of doubt. The first time she showed up in my reading I was excited – I felt a playful, hopeful energy. Every time I look at the card I feel that surge of energy. Of course, it sent me a clear message each time she showed up, but now that she’s a reoccurring image, I feel as if I need to give her more attention. There are a few ways this could be playing out in my life right now.

  • It’s time to start over, listen to my Truth and follow my heart. Drop out of Quest now (rather than later) and take time off. Still give it a year to see what I want/need, but listen to my body now. Value my mental and physical health in the present.
  • It’s time to take a new perspective at Quest and start my exploration anew. Look at where my passion lies and channel it in new ways. Continue with the plan to finish my degree but take a fresh approach that gives me energy rather than takes it away.
  • Honour my new journey as a witch and quell the self doubt (and perceived doubt of society). Continue on this path that brings me closer to authenticity and happiness.

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