The High Priestess

February 13th


the High Priestess from The Wild Unknown tarot deck

Today I’ve been grappling with the thought of starting class tomorrow. The thought of being in a block has sent a rising sense of panic throughout my body. I did two readings for myself today as a way of calming myself down as well as trying to pinpoint exactly what was going on. (What do I need to do make things better for myself? Do I need to drop out of school? Is that possible?). The High Priestess kept coming up in readings – follow your intuition, do what you know is right and listen to yourself. Have faith in yourself – only you know what you need. Combined with the Fool, who kept showing up this weekend, I’m realizing that it’s okay to follow my intuition even if people think it’s foolish. I know myself, and I am already on the right path. I am dropping out of university and doing things that don’t compromise my mental and physical health.


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