7 of Swords & the Sun: Clarity about depression

Photo on 2017-03-16 at 2.24 PM #4

I’ve been feeling depressed and bored recently. I’m not really interested in much and I am so deeply exhausted. There are lots of reasons for it: mourning the loss of university, dreading the big changes happening soon, anxiety about the unknown future. But knowing why I’m feeling this way hasn’t helped me shake it.

Today I pulled a card with the intention of figuring out why I’m depressed and what I can do about it. I pulled the 7 of Swords: a fox lies on top of a sword, with the six other swords hanging in the air above its head. It’s the keeper of one of the swords, and seems in control of the rest, watching you suspiciously with one eye. In general, the 7s in Tarot are reminders to not give up. The 7 of Swords touches on this too, focusing on facing what you’ve been avoiding and making changes if you’re not getting what you need. In light of my current emotional state this card made a lot of sense.

But, I wanted a bit more clarity about what I was avoiding and giving up on. I pulled the great big glowing Sun – its rays burst against the border. Ah ha! The Sun is a gorgeous card that reminds you of pure joy, the warmth of love, creativity, inner strength, and healing. This is what I’m avoiding. It’s time to face the emotions I’m dissociating from (fear, anxiety, shame, self-loathing), make tangible changes (eat better food, meditate, practice magic, be gentle), start healing, and don’t give up.

Thank you little fox and big bright sun for nudging me softly today.







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