let go: a Full Moon reading

The full moon signifies the beginning of another cycle. In April, it feels like the beginning of spring, new life, and light. I like to do moon readings because it reminds me of the way time passes and allows me to reflect on each month. This one feels especially significant because it’s right before my birthday and I’m being forced into a lot of growing recently. I want to share it with you because I think it showed me some general lessons that help when we’re experiencing new beginnings. Maybe they aren’t applicable to you right now, but they resonated with me.

new moon reading

Let go of control and stability.

Find stillness inside yourself.

Recognize that the world hurts you, hold yourself gently.

You have so much to offer, trust yourself.

Accept change and death. Say goodbye in your own way and fill the empty space with something beautiful.

Joy will come.


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