Getting older & the Child of Cups

Monday was my birthday.  I think as we get older there is more pressure to behave in certain ways, which in our capitalist society, looks like goal-setting, being serious, starting a family, and excelling in our career. I like my birthday because it gives me a chance to reflect on my past and appreciate all the love I have in my life. So I’ve been thinking a lot about birthdays and what they mean. I did a birthday reading that showed me to reach out to people more & rely on their support, remain gentle through challenge, stay emotional & artistic, and to recognize my strength & personal power. Today, I pulled a card that seemed to summarize all the points of the bigger reading.

It’s the Child of Cups, who represents vulnerability, joy, naivety, and our emotional self. In the Wild Unknown deck, the Child of Cups is an adorable signet reflecting rainbows. I love that I picked the child – it’s a reminder to stay playful, gentle, and open. Kids don’t take anybody’s shit so it’s also a reminder to stand up for yourself and revel in your own power and light. This year, I will try and hold the lessons of the Child of Cups close as I take on new challenges.



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