Envisioning the Future

Future business spread

I’ve been thinking a lot about what I want to do with tarot and what better tool to help me out than a spread about the future?

These cards made it v clear that I should follow my dream of starting an actual tarot business in Toronto.

Because I’m excited and in the midst of the planning process, here’s a little list of what this reading helped me discover:

  • I am called to use my intuitive power for healing.
  • Now, I must take care of myself, follow my intuition, and cultivate my spiritual practice. This energy will help me stay true to my intentions.
  • I must trust myself and be proud of my identities (tarot reader, queer femme, etc.)
  • I will incorporate activism in my healing practices.
  • I will remain open to change and feedback.
  • I will bring my clients emotional stillness, clarity, and support. My whole practice is about celebrating them.
  • I recognize that taking on this project is the deep spiritual change I’ve been craving.
  • I will work diligently towards my goals, lead with my heart, take on challenges bravely, and find my community.




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