Today I decided to do my daily reading outside on my porch. It’s windy and cool but the concrete surrounding my house still holds heat from yesterday. It’s a mild autumn day. This morning, I pulled out my cards and the smell of garbage wafted over the breeze. We live in the city and the only place to store our garbage bins is in our tiny front yard. Save for the hot trash, our neighbourhood is perfect.

I was inspired to do a mind/body/spirit 3 card reading, and pulled the 9 of pentacles, the Wheel of Fortune, and 6 of pentacles respectively.

Mind: 9 of Pentacles 


The nine of pentacles is a glorious card, and in my Wild Unknown deck, the artist depicts bright yellow pentacles surrounded by feathers on a background of warm reds and oranges. It evokes feelings of stability, warmth, and care. It’s part of the earth suit which asks you to physically ground yourself in your body and mind, waking up to the world with an open heart and clear head. This morning, the 9 of pentacles reminded me of my own strength. It reminded me that the abundance of love, community, and inspiration in my life has been manifested by me – I have brought the good to myself. It reminded me that I’m inherently valuable, not because of the work I do. It says “Go ahead, take whatever path calls you, you will find success and beauty! Let your mind wander, and let your dreams be your guide.”

Body: Wheel of Fortune


The Wheel of Fortune is part of the major arcana which means it stands alone in its power and significance. It wants to call your attention. I’ve actually always struggled with this card, I find it holds a level of mystery about it that can confuse me. Today though it made a lot of sense. The Wheel of Fortune is constantly turning, and in the Wild Unknown deck the rainbow ribbons that connect it’s branches get wrapped and draped differently each time it rotates. It reminds me that everything is constantly changing, that nothing today looks as it did yesterday. In relation to my body, it’s asking me to come along for the ride. It asks me to truly respect my body as it changes. As a fat person, this is a valuable reminder! When you’re constantly (and I do mean constantly) reminded that your body is rejected by society, you have to work every day to see it and love it. As I get fatter, or the shape of my body changes, the Wheel of Fortune shows me that I have to figure out how to value each development. Everyday, the ribbons will look different, so come along for the ride and hold yourself gently, with love.

Spirit: 6 of Pentacles 


I love that pentacles are ruling my day. Having panic disorder (plus Aries sun and Sagittarius moon, lol) sometimes leads to very flighty, firey, exhausting days and pentacles are the opposite of that. This card in particular, depicted as a beautiful blooming plant, talks about abundance and stability. It asks me to reflect on how much I’ve grown and to begin harvesting the fruits of my labour. It reminds me to let my roots grow, planting myself on a path that makes me feel most alive. Related to my spirit, I think the 6 of Pentacles wants me to make more space for my spiritual life. Let spirituality be part of my everyday, my path, and my outward self. Writing this blog is actually part of that – I want tarot (which is incredibly spiritual for me) to be my focus. It feels like my calling, and so, here I am!

After I laid the three cards out, I felt like they needed to connect to my space, so I collected some helicopter seeds and picked a cosmo from my garden. Breaking the stem, I let the petals and stamens spread out over the cards. A beautiful scent of grapefruit greeted me and stayed on my fingertips. What an omen – citrus joy overpowering the decaying garbage I was first met with. Today, may love and light win over darkness.


. . .



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