Re-imagining dissociation

Dissociating has been a major part of how I cope with anxiety. It’s talked about like it’s a super unhealthy way of coping, that it will negatively affect your relationships and could develop into a full blown dissociative disorder. I’m trying to get away from language like this. It pathologizes me when I’m simply grasping […]

What if we could hold our experiences of mental illness as proof of living, like certifications and awards included on our resume?

Today I had the privilege of participating in my dear friend’s thesis project about mental health in university. She interviewed me and we talked for an hour and a half about my experiences. At the end we discussed the complex feelings that come with disclosures like this one. I’m used to disclosing my mental illness […]

Being a Human

I feel weird starting a blog. Who really wants to hear what I have to say and why do I feel like I have to say it to the whole damn internet? I guess there are a few reasons I want to do this (besides that social-media-specific rush you get from being affirmed by peers […]