7 of Swords & the Sun: Clarity about depression

I've been feeling depressed and bored recently. I'm not really interested in much and I am so deeply exhausted. There are lots of reasons for it: mourning the loss of university, dreading the big changes happening soon, anxiety about the unknown future. But knowing why I'm feeling this way hasn't helped me shake it. Today … Continue reading 7 of Swords & the Sun: Clarity about depression


Re-imagining dissociation

Dissociating has been a major part of how I cope with anxiety. It's talked about like it's a super unhealthy way of coping, that it will negatively affect your relationships and could develop into a full blown dissociative disorder. I'm trying to get away from language like this. It pathologizes me when I'm simply grasping … Continue reading Re-imagining dissociation

The Fool

February 12th   This weekend, I keep pulling the Fool (in Celtic Cross spread, daily single cards, mind/body/spirit spread). It signifies new beginnings, starting over, being a small fish in a big pond, and believing in yourself in the face of doubt. The first time she showed up in my reading I was excited – … Continue reading The Fool