Today I decided to do my daily reading outside on my porch. It's windy and cool but the concrete surrounding my house still holds heat from yesterday. It's a mild autumn day. This morning, I pulled out my cards and the smell of garbage wafted over the breeze. We live in the city and the … Continue reading Abundance


Reading for Family

I often compare reading for friends and family to reading for strangers. With strangers I just rely on my intuition and let the cards speak for themselves. But, with people I know, my intuition can be impacted by my intimate knowledge and conceptions of their personal lives. This isn't inherently good or bad but I … Continue reading Reading for Family

The Fool

February 12th   This weekend, I keep pulling the Fool (in Celtic Cross spread, daily single cards, mind/body/spirit spread). It signifies new beginnings, starting over, being a small fish in a big pond, and believing in yourself in the face of doubt. The first time she showed up in my reading I was excited – … Continue reading The Fool