Okay before I write anything I need to acknowledge that today is Friday the 13th, and more than any Friday the 13th before it, this one feels ominous. There. It's out. I'm trying not to be superstitious. So, intuition. It seems to me that it's turned into a bit of a buzzword. It's in the … Continue reading Intuition



Today I decided to do my daily reading outside on my porch. It's windy and cool but the concrete surrounding my house still holds heat from yesterday. It's a mild autumn day. This morning, I pulled out my cards and the smell of garbage wafted over the breeze. We live in the city and the … Continue reading Abundance

Reading for Family

I often compare reading for friends and family to reading for strangers. With strangers I just rely on my intuition and let the cards speak for themselves. But, with people I know, my intuition can be impacted by my intimate knowledge and conceptions of their personal lives. This isn't inherently good or bad but I … Continue reading Reading for Family


☆ July’s Full Moon ☆

(belated full moon thoughts) This month's full moon was charged with intensity, just what you'd expect from the second full moon of the summer. It's proximity to Pluto (think death, transformation, obsession, & rebirth) can cause discord and pain but also important internal reflection. Pluto doesn't let you get away with just coasting by and … Continue reading ☆ July’s Full Moon ☆


April feelings

April feels like the official beginning of spring - the birds come out, flowers bloom, sunshine peaks through the clouds. Today I pulled the Ace and 8 of Wands which reminded me that big thing are on the horizon, full of energy and excitement. They encouraged me to throw myself into it with all my … Continue reading April feelings


Getting older & the Child of Cups

Monday was my birthday.  I think as we get older there is more pressure to behave in certain ways, which in our capitalist society, looks like goal-setting, being serious, starting a family, and excelling in our career. I like my birthday because it gives me a chance to reflect on my past and appreciate all … Continue reading Getting older & the Child of Cups


let go: a Full Moon reading

The full moon signifies the beginning of another cycle. In April, it feels like the beginning of spring, new life, and light. I like to do moon readings because it reminds me of the way time passes and allows me to reflect on each month. This one feels especially significant because it's right before my … Continue reading let go: a Full Moon reading