I anonymously surveyed my querents and this is what they said:

“I left feeling more positive and capable in a situation I had felt lost in previously. Her critical, knowledgable, and honest practice feels so individualized and welcoming.”

“Lila was amazing. She ensured we were in a private space, and filled it with such open, loving energy.”

“As someone who doesn’t really do this sort of thing, she made it more valuable and intriguing than I could ever have anticipated.”

“You helped me to understand my true desires and needs regarding my relationships, and more broadly, my life at that time.”

Comprehensive, warm, empathetic, and understanding.”

“She went above and beyond to help me work through some questions that I had and held a space for me to work through some emotions that came up.”

“Lila helped me look blatantly at what was happening inside, and around me, and how I could deal with it all.”